What I like to do with Ham Radio

In Fun Stuff, Satellite by KM4IPF

My name is Hope and my call sign is KM4IPF.  I am 9 years old.  I like HAM RADIO.  I think that HAM RADIO is very fun.  I like satellites because unlike a repeater, I get to move around and follow it with a handheld arrow antenna.  Most hams I know tell me that I have talked to the satellite, but instead, my signal goes to the satellite and the satellite acts like a repeater, then the signal goes to different places in the world.  It is not talking to it, unless it is the space station.  And yes I’ve heard the space station.  But every time I hear it, they’re talking to a school.

Another cool thing I got to do was visit a big ship that is captained by Yuri (UT1FG).   He is Ukrainian.  He talks on almost every satellite!  It was very cool and I had a fun time!

I will be talking about my satellite activities at the Orlando Hamcation and the Dayton Hamvention hamfests in 2016.  If you are at either of these hamfests, come to the Youth Forums and hear me talk!

73.  And I’ll see you on the air.  (I mean that I’ll hear you on the air).