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Eight Year Old Ham Makes Her First Amateur Radio Contact Via Satellite

In Satellite by WX4TV

Eight year old amateur radio operator Hope Lea (KM4IPF), received her amateur radio call sign minutes before the FO-29 OSCAR satellite pass on Wednesday, March 11, 2015.  Thanks to the generosity of Richard Siff (W4BUE) and the K4AMG Memorial Amateur Radio Club in Chesapeake, VA she got to make her first contact as a licensed ham radio operator via satellite.

There probably are not any other 8 year old girls who can claim that!

Hope has become quite active on the FM satellites, including the brand new AO-85 (Fox-1a) satellite which was launched on October 8, 2015.  Hope was one of the first US amateur radio operators on the East Coast to make a contact through the satellite.  Look for her on the birds and give her a shout.

Hope’s older brother and sister earned their licenses in February at ages 12 and 10 and upgraded to General Class a couple of weeks later.  Her 10 year old sister further upgraded to Extra Class in April, 2015.  KM4IPF took her exam 5 days before getting her call sign. All three of the kids got to make contacts on this pass of the satellite.

Her younger sister, who is 7, is studying for her license!

Amateur Radio is a wonderful hobby that has something to offer to enthusiasts of all ages.  For more information about Amateur Radio, visit the ARRL website.