In Contesting, Fun Stuff by AE4FH

Contesting is a fun thing to do in ham radio.  My name is Faith Hannah and my callsign is AE4FH.  For me, the basic thing about contesting is to have fun.  A lot of people think that contests are just about winning awards and being in the top three–and, sometimes you will find a person that is not quite operating by the rules of the contest.  When someone is not operating correctly, it makes it harder to get the information you need to get to complete the contact.  One station during Field Day did not give me his class (1A, 2A, etc.) and I asked him what his class was.  He hesitated and replied, “I’m a General.”  I said, “You do know this is Field Day…”  He replied, “Oh… 1F!”  So, it’s a good rule to learn the rules of a contest BEFORE you start!  It makes it a lot more fun for everyone!

The first contest I did was the Virginia QSO Party.  In the Virginia QSO Party I got 198 contacts, and I was the winner in our family.  One of the best things about that contest is that everybody gets a prize.  I came in 1st place expedition.  This is a video of me calling “CQ Virginia QSO Party.”

My first Field Day that I operated was in June 2015.  That was also my second contest I ever did.  Something funny happened during that contest.  I found out that you really should NOT drink Pepsi just before calling “CQ.”  I was calling “CQ <BURP> Field Day <BURP>!”  The guy who picked up was laughing when he called me back.  He said “Hey, your burps are really funny!”  Here is a video of my first  Field Day.  (But it is NOT the burping!)

This is a photo of me operating in the 2015 CQ WW SSB Contest.

This is a photo of me operating in the 2015 CQ WW SSB Contest.

In October 2015, I did the CQ WW SSB Contest.  I got about 35,500 points in the contest.  I am also planning on doing the ARRL Sweepstakes coming up this month.  Contests are also a good way to get DXCC countries fast. I got about 50 new countries for DXCC in the CQ WW SSB Contest.  So now I have about 63 DXCC countries.  I hope to hear you on the next contest!